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Covid :(

  • We encourage everyone to join us and enjoy their ride to school, but in a responsible and safe way that is in line with all public health guidelines. By now you hopefully know the drill:

    • Stay up to date with all public health guidelines specified by local health authority

    • Follow all public health guidelines specified by local health authority

What is a school bike bus?

  • A lead cyclist picks up parents and students on a set route, following a set timetable to cycle to school as a group. People may join or leave the bike bus at various points along the route.

Why is a school bike bus a good idea?

  • makes the journey to school a healthy, interesting, and sociable experience

  • educates kids to use bikes as means of transportation

  • makes areas around schools safer and healthier by reducing car traffic

  • encourages those who would like to cycle to school but are hesitant to do so on their own

How do I join?

  • Parents

    • Get in touch if you'd like to try an existing school bike bus route

    • Get in touch if no route suitable for you exists, and we'll look into establishing one

  • Route leader

    • Get in touch to help the school bike bus. We're looking for competent cyclists who like to help the community.  If you already bike to school regularly or have an hour’s spare time in the morning a few times a month, you can help with existing routes, or establish new ones.


  • Parents

    • Parents are fully responsible for themselves and their children throughout the ride.  The school bike bus is a group ride, not a guided ride.

    • Obey traffic laws

    • Have fun

  • Route leader

    • Being a route leader is not difficult

    • Most important:

      • make it work for you

      • It should be a pleasure, not a chore.

    • high level suggestions (but again, make it work for you. choose to do as much or as little as you wish)

      • make a map with meeting times

      • recruit friends and neighbours that take kids to same school to join you

      • advertise, advertise, advertise

        • contact neighbourhood community groups and ask to advertise

        • contact school and school council and ask to advertise

        • contact city councillor and ask to advertise

        • plaster posters in the neighborhood

        • word of mouth.  talk to neighbours and other parents at school.  ask them to spread the word.

        • The website is available as a free resource to document and share information

      • be consistent with the route and schedule so people can plan for it

        • Did I mention to make it work for you? 😀

        • If you only feel comfortable commiting to 1/month, that's fine.  1/week. Whatever works for you.

      • Just do it 😀. Even if it’s a three-block ride with just one friend from school, that is amazing. You have to start somewhere.

      • get in touch with us if you have any questions


Can I drop my child off with you to cycle to school?

  • Nice try.  No.  The idea is to get kids and parents cycling to school together.  Exception for kids old and confident enough, and with their parent's permission, to cycle to school on their own.  Understand though that the school bike bus assumes no responsibility.

How fast will the School Bike Bus go?

  • The school bike bus will travel at the speed of the slowest riders to stay together.  This is typically a jogging pace.​​

  • Children can be slow, and that's ok.  We want them to enjoy themselves.

Do you take donations?

  • That's very generous.  Thank you.  We don't have a lot of expenses at the moment.  if you'd like to support this initiative, but joining or establishing a route is not in the cards for you, please consider spreading the message. Talk to every neighbor, parent and child you know and ask them to tell every neighbor, parent and child they know.

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